11 apps to help you stay healthy


When it comes to your health, there’s a lot to keep track of! From staying physically fit, to eating well, to carving out some ‘me’ time. But with a little help from some new technology, staying healthy is made easier. Check out these 11 apps that will help you reach your wellness goals.

Aaptiv logo

1) Aaptiv

This fitness app provides endless audio workouts of every kind. From running (any distance) to yoga, to strength training and meditation, the Aaptiv trainers are constantly updating their classes. You’ll find short classes for busy lives and longer programs that help you reach a goal, like training for a 10K or marathon. 

Find out more at aaptiv.com


2) Runtastic Results

Another fitness app, this one provides daily workouts that use your own body weight, so no equipment necessary. With a variety of workouts to choose from, this app might be just what you need to stick to your 2018 fitness goals. Download the app from runtastic.com/en/results.

Smiling Mind

3) Smiling Mind

Life is busy! But with Smiling Mind you can slow down for a few minutes and find some peace and quiet. This app offers guided meditation and asks you to check in with yourself to see how you’re doing. You can also link up with family and track your progress. Give mindfulness a go at smilingmind.com.au.


4) Away – Nature Sounds to Sleep

Unwind after a busy day and immerse yourself into a soothing audio of seamlessly looped nature sounds. Not only does listening block out other noises that might keep you awake, but it calms your mind and allows sleep to come more easily. Sleep tight! Download it from the App Store.

5) Australian Calorie Counter – Easy Diet Diary

You don’t need to count calories to be healthy, but this app might be just what you need to be more mindful of your food choices. It allows you to track everything you eat and, because it’s Australian, the products we know and love are listed in the app. Start counting at easydietdiary.com.

Couch to 5k

6) Couch to 5K

This program has been around for a while and for good reason – it’s a doable program that gets non-runners running. The promise is 30 minutes a day, three days a week, and in just nine weeks you’ll be running 5km. You can share your workouts and sync with buddies to stay motivated. Unleash your inner track star at c25k.com.

My fitness Pal

7) MyFitnessPal

If you want to diarise your food choices, set a personal goal or change a habit, this app might be what you need. You can log your exercise and daily steps, get support and motivation, and track your success. Find out more at myfitnesspal.com.

Eat this much

8) Eat This Much

Need help deciding what to cook? This app allows you to enter your food likes and dislikes, your diet goals, and your budget, and then serves you up a meal plan for the week ahead. It creates your own personalised shopping list, too, so you know just what to buy to achieve your food goals. Put your diet on autopilot at eatthismuch.com.


9) Headspace

Headspace helps you achieve just that – some space for your head! With daily meditation and mindfulness exercises, this app helps you perform at your best. There are a variety of ‘packs’ that help you focus on what’s important to you – from better sleep to better relationships, plus meditation for kids. Learn more at headspace.com.

Pacer Pedometer Step Tracker

10) Pacer Pedometer & Step Tracker

Track your steps and activity on your phone with this app that helps you stay motivated. Set day-to-day fitness goals, monitor your BMI and challenge family and friends. No need to have a wearable device, if you’ve got this app on your phone. Check out mypacer.com for more info.


11) VegEze

Most of us need to eat more vegies and this app will help you keep track of how many serves you’re eating each day. It’s easy to use and a great reminder to boost the amount (and variety) of vegies you eat for better health. Transform your eating habits at totalwellbeingdiet.com/vegeze.

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