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Sven’s special tips for road trips


It was the night before Christmas and most Australians were in a deep sleep. Children and parents alike were tucked away in their beds, dreaming of the awaiting festivities.

The clock had just struck midnight when Santa’s sleigh descended from the night sky, breaking down on the side of the road. Santa emerged from the sleigh and called the North Pole for help. Only one elf could fix this, Sven Svenson, Santa’s Sleigh Mechanic.  

Sven works hard every year to ensure Santa’s Sleigh is in good working condition, often coming to his assistance when he breaks down on Christmas Eve.

This Christmas, to give Sven the break he deserves, we surprised him with AAMI Roadside Assist… for sleighs! This will be Sven’s first day off in years. To say thank you, he’s shared his expert tips on how to prepare for long haul sleigh rides (and drives) this Holiday Season.

Ready to Take Off

Before you take off on a road trip, pack an emergency kit that you can store in your car. In your kit include a spare tyre, a torch, your car user manual, a towel or rag, an umbrella, a first aid kit and your map (digital or printed). These items will keep you safe and comfortable if things go wrong.

Sven also recommends that you check when your car is due for a service. A regular service ensures that everything is in working order by assesing if there is any deterioration or damage that has occured that you may not have noticed. This is also a good opportunity to swap out any tyres that may need replacing.

Smooth Sailing

To avoid break downs on the road, make sure you fill your tyres with air. To do this, visit your nearest petrol station and park near the air dispenser. One by one, remove the valve on your tyre and attach the air hose.

When you’re on the road, keep a close eye on your fuel tank. When ‘low fuel’ flashes, stop at your nearest service station and top up. This is Sven’s favourite time to stretch his legs and indulge on a little Christmas treat.

Securely Pack your Car

Time to test out your Tetris skills! Pack your car in a way that ensures all loose items are secure and won’t move around during the trip. Make sure you can clearly see out of the review mirror, moving any items that might obstruct your vision.

For more information on how to pack your car safely, click here.

Road Trip Essentials in Reach

When packing your car, make sure all food and water is easily accessible. There’s nothing worse than having to unpack your entire car just to get a snack! Ensure you have plenty of water, refilling your bottle when you have the opportunity.

Sven’s special tip is to take an esky with you, keeping your food nice and cold. For more road trip essentials, click here.

Games at the ready

The best part of a road trip for Sven, is the car games! ‘I spy’, ‘I’m Thinking of a Word’, ‘Guess that Celebrity’, ‘Road Trip Bingo’, ’20 questions’ and more! If none of those are you’re style, it’s the perfect time to test your imagination and invent a game.

If you have kids, here are a few fun ideas to keep them entertained on the road, or click here for a free downloadable holiday activity sheet!

The Perfect Tunes

The right music can set the mood for your road trip. But remember, when you’re out in Woop Woop, you’re likely to lose reception. That’s why Sven always has a playlist downloaded, ready to go.

To hear what festive tunes Sven is listening to this Christmas, grab the Aux Cord and play ‘A Christmas Ten by Sven’ playlist on Spotify. Perfect for long car rides!

Finally, to stay safe on the roads, make sure you add AAMI Roadside Assist to your Comprehensive Car Insurance. You’ll have AAMI to help you out with emergencies like flat tyres and batteries, lost or locked-in keys and towing. Get a quote today.

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