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AAMI Article Bank

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How does my pet's age affect the policy?

Will I be covered for Cosmetic Surgery?

Where can I find my PDS?

Am I covered for working overseas?

How can I pay for my business insurance?

Can I add a child to my Health cover?

What is an annual limit?

What's the relationship between AAMI Health Insurance and nib health funds?

Does Travel Insurance cover one-way overseas trips?

Can I insure my pet at any age?

When do my payments start after my Income Protection claim is approved?

How do I know if the Coverage Checker applies to my cover?

Where am I covered?

Can a family member update my home insurance policy?

Can a family member make changes to my car insurance policy?

Can I register my car in NSW without getting CTP?

How long do Income Protection Insurance payments last?

How do I lodge a CTP claim?

What is an Emergency Services Levy (ESL)?

How do I add an Interested Party to my business insurance policy?

Does CTP Insurance cover hospital and ambulance services?

Do I need to get separate insurance for my overseas hire car?

If my pet was stolen would it be covered?

How often should I review my Health Insurance cover?

"I've received a bill for my hospital procedure, how can I claim?"

Can someone with an international driving licence drive my car?

How do I make a Pet Insurance claim?

How do I download the Comprehensive Car Insurance PDS?

Do I get a hire car in the event of a claim?

How do I renew my pet's policy?

"Can I change payment frequency, amount, etc. when I renew my car insurance?"

Can I insure my motorcycle if it has hail damage?

Where can I find out more about green slips?

Can I renew my NSW CTP Insurance term to 6 months?

Are trailers covered under my car insurance policy?

Are the tools in my car covered?

Do the vets get paid directly?

Who do I list as an additional driver?

Is my mobile phone covered by my home insurance?

"I've just bought my first home, what should I know about Home Insurance? "

How is my Pet Insurance premium calculated?

What's a waiting period?

I've paid for my Green Slip but Service NSW say I don't have valid CTP Green Slip. How can I get this fixed?

How do I change my address?

What happens if my car is a total loss?

Do you cover vaccinations?

How do I renew my car insurance policy?

What kinds of motorcycles do you insure?

Do I get a refund if I cancel my car insurance?

Can I update my insurance policy online?

How do I switch my Health Insurance to AAMI?

Can I cancel my NSW CTP Green Slip?

Am I covered for collisions with wildlife?

How do I know if my policy is active?

How do I add an interested party to my policy?

How do I add an authorised contact to my policy?

How do I find my VIN?

Am I covered in an at-fault car accident?

Can I drive after surgery or caesarean?

How do I call AAMI?

Can I cancel my ACT MAI Insurance?

What happens to my ACT MAI Insurance when I sell or buy a vehicle that is registered?

Do I have to list a learner driver on my CTP or MAI Insurance policy?

How can I pay for my AAMI MAI Insurance?

Are trailers and caravans included in my CTP or MAI Insurance cover?

Are there any policies that I can’t renew online?

Can I cancel my pet’s policy at any time?

Why do we ask \"Was this helpful?\" in the Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage Checker?

I’m moving interstate. Do I need to transfer my CTP or MAI Insurance?

How do I make a catch up payment?

What discounts can I get on my policy?

How do I apply for a payment extension?

Why am I having trouble paying for my insurance?

Can unlisted drivers be covered in the event of an accident?

Does AAMI offer rental car insurance?

Am I covered if I use my car for ridesharing services like Uber?

How do I get the NSW small business stamp duty exemption?

Does my Home and Contents Insurance Policy cover me for bushfires?

How do I add Roadside Assist to my policy?

How do I find my closest AAMI branch and repair assessment centre?

What's covered by my Public Liability Insurance?

Does AAMI offer Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Where do I find the latest advice on COVID-19?

Does my Travel Insurance cover me for claims caused by or arising from COVID-19?

Does my Life Insurance and Income Protection Insurance cover me for COVID-19?

How do I contact AAMI about COVID-19?

Does my Health Insurance cover me for COVID-19?

Why can't I buy travel insurance from AAMI?

What should I do if I have an upcoming procedure during COVID-19?

Is it safe to go to the dentist or the physio during COVID-19?

During the Covid-19 pandemic will my Health Insurance premium change on April 1, 2020?

Can I suspend my Health Insurance cover if I'm impacted by COVID-19?

Am I covered for pathology tests for COVID-19?

Will my health insurance cover the cost of a COVID-19 vaccine once it is developed?

I've closed my business because of COVID-19. Does Back in Business cover loss of revenue?

How do I lodge a claim a business insurance claim?

Am I covered for contents and stock I take from the office to work at home?

I've lost customers due to COVID-19. Does Back in Business cover loss of revenue for this?

Is Government support available for my business?

My Back in Business coverage mentions infectious diseases. Am I covered for loss of revenue due to COVID-19?

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