Most common items lost on holidays


Whether it’s a weekend road trip or you're heading all around Australia – if you’re going away, chances are you’ll take a few valuable possessions with you.

This can increase their likelihood of being damaged or lost. AAMI Contents Insurance claims data (Jan 2022 – Jan 2023) helped us identify the most common valuables lost, damaged, or stolen while on holiday, to help you ensure you have the right cover for your items.


This one is no surprise. Almost 40% of all claims were for engagement and wedding rings, bracelets, and watches.

AAMI’s optional Extra Cover Portable Valuables cover can insure jewellery and watches for accidental loss or damage that occurs anywhere in the world, for up to 30 consecutive days. This applies as long as the jewellery was worn by you or is in a secure safe at the time of the event. And if the jewellery is valued over $1,000, it will need to be specified to be covered for the full amount stated on the certificate of insurance.

With optional Extra Cover Portable Valuables cover, jewellery and watches are also covered for accidental loss or damage that occurs anywhere in Australia or New Zealand, without the 30-day limit.

For other items insured under the Extra Cover Portable Valuables, the 30-day limit also doesn’t apply, but they’re only covered within Australia or New Zealand.

Under this optional cover, each valuable can be insured either as unspecified or specified, depending on the item and its value.

Unspecified portable valuables

If the jewellery is worth less than $1,000, it doesn’t have to be listed as a specified item. Each item, pair, set or collection will be covered up to $1,000, and the limit for a total claim is the sum insured on your Contents Insurance or Home and Contents certificate of insurance.

Specified portable valuables

If the jewellery is worth more than $1,000, it will need to be listed as a specified item with an individual value, in order for you to be able to claim its full value.

The value you specify is the most we will pay for the item for any one incident, up to the sum insured shown on your certificate of insurance.

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Phones, tablets and laptops

We hardly ever go anywhere without our mobile devices, and our claims data reflects this – 16% of all claims were for portable electronic items.

You might use your phone to navigate a new city or your tablet to watch movies on the go. These would need to be listed as specified items on your Extra Cover Portable Valuables cover to have them insured while travelling within Australia and New Zealand.

Fishing gear

Fancy catching some mullet or barramundi on your next trip? Australia’s fishing zone is the world’s third largest in the world1, and fishing gear is the third most common item to be lost or damaged on a holiday – making up almost 15% of all claims.

Fishing rods, reels, tackles, and other accessories can be insured either as specified or unspecified items depending on their value – but they will only be covered while not in use.

Sunglasses and specs

It’s a bright world out there and you’ve got just the perfect sunnies – that is, until your friend accidentally sits on them or they’re forgotten on the bus.

10% of all claims were for glasses and sunglasses. Since most specs are under $1,000 you may not have to list them as a specified item on your cover.


Whether you’re the next Annie Leibovitz or you only take casual nature shots, camera and video equipment can be expensive to replace – and they made up almost 9% of all claims. Photographic, optical and video equipment can either be insured as unspecified or specified items, depending on whether they’re worth more than $1,000.

However, the restoration of electronic records – such as images and videos – isn’t covered, unless the electronic data or files were legally purchased and you cannot restore them free of charge. So, it’s a good idea to keep your photos backed up while you travel.

Handbags and wallets

Has your handbag or wallet ever gone missing while on holiday? You’re not alone – 7% of people claimed for the loss or theft of their precious purse. Extra Cover Portable Valuables can insure the wallet or handbag itself, but cash or credits cards aren’t covered.


It’s estimated that 3.43 million Aussies ride bikes for transport and recreation in a typical week2, and 6% of all AAMI Contents Insurance claims were for bicycles. Under Extra Cover Portable Valuables, bikes are covered when in use, but not while being used for racing or pace-making.

Tips to keep your belongings safe during travel

There are a few things you can do to keep your items safe while on holiday:

  • Label and lock your luggage well.
  • Consider getting a travel wallet – this can help you organise and keep your cash, cards, and identity safe.
  • Make photocopies of important documents – such as your passport, drivers license or medical card – in case they go missing and you need to report these documents later.
  • Check your insurance policy before you leave – and make sure all your valuables are covered in case something goes wrong.

Keeping your home protected while unoccupied

So you’ve got your valuables covered as they travel with you, but what about your unoccupied home?

With AAMI Home Insurance your home will still be covered for insured events like flood*, fire, or storm damage – but an unoccupied excess will apply if you’re away for more than 60 consecutive days. However, you can nominate a house sitter to look after your home while you’re gone and as long as they stay for at least 2 consecutive nights within each 60-day period, then your home won’t be considered unoccupied.

How to make a claim on your lost or damaged items

With AAMI it’s super easy to claim for your valuables online or via the AAMI App. Just follow the step-by-step guide until you finish lodging your claim and our dedicated claims specialists will organise the rest.

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1Fishes of Australia


*Actions or movements of the sea and storm surge are not covered (unless the storm surge damage occurs at the same time as damage caused by storm). Other exclusions apply.

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