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10 Resolutions you SHOULD be making


You might start the New Year full of enthusiasm and hope, but statistics are here to burst your bubble. Apparently only 8% of people manage to keep their New Year’s Resolutions. Rather than lack of willpower, perhaps the problem lies in the resolution itself. This year, why not beat the odds and challenge yourself to something fresh, quirky and totally attainable?

1. Take a photo of you doing something new/unusual every month

From a solid walk to learning to scuba dive, the new/unusual definition is up to you, but sharing your challenge and pictures on social media will keep you publicly accountable (and might even land you a few wingmen too!) The scope is wide here, but the end result will leave you with a really solid sense of pride. Frame all 12 moments at the end to capture and reflect on a ‘year of awesome’.

2. Master something you’ve always secretly wanted to do but never been brave enough

From aerial yoga (yes, it’s a thing) to a competitive beach swim to belly dancing – we all have those secret goals we’ve been harbouring and 2017 is the year to achieve them! Make it the wackiest, wildest, craziest, quirkiest thing you’ve seen or heard and just try it. Sure, you might feel out of your comfort zone, but you might also tap into something new that you simply love – either way, you’ve done something new and ticked off your resolution! (Take THAT 8%!)

3. Buy nothing new for a month (groceries excepted)

Could you really not buy a new outfit, shoes, even drinks on a night out? Yes, you really could. It’s JUST one month. And the annoyingly simple key to this one? Just don’t do it. Stay in, dust off the recipe books or hit an op shop if you really need a (vintage) fashion fix or host a clothes swap party. Save EVERYTHING you would normally spend and get ready to boast when you knock this challenge out of the park. Trust us, it’s addictive.

4. Get creative

Whether you think of yourself as artsy or not, no doubt you enjoy the challenge of creating something, no matter how skilled you are. Try starting a blog – maybe write about the “one new thing” you’re doing each month. Or get your hands dirty trying to breathe life into an old piece of furniture. You can even try making some beaded jewellery, sewing a pillow or reconnect with a childhood passion like colouring-in for adults.

5. Practice a random act of kindness

It’s easy to hit the ‘like’ button when heart-warming moments pop up in your Facebook feed and harder to do them in real life. But research shows that people who practise random acts of kindness regularly are more likely to be healthy and the Dalai Lama himself says, “Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.” Spread the kindness by helping a stranger, knitting gifts for babies, or volunteering for one of your favourite charities.

6. Get your finances sorted – one simple step at a time

‘Adulting’ can be hard – and frankly sometimes, boring. But when you get it right, it feels pretty good. So carve out a few hours, sit down and get your finances worked out – it really is that easy. Download a savings app for your phone, set up a savings account with a direct deposit to make sure you’re putting something away without hassle every month. Another good idea is to identify and sell the stuff laying around the house that you just don’t need. Add the earnings to your savings – not your pocket! Then think about the bigger picture – with so much resting on your income do you need income protection or life insurance?

7. Set yourself a physical challenge – and achieve it

This can be as big and broad or as simple and exciting as you choose. Either way, it will add benefit to your life – how inspiring is that? Enrol in a community sport (soccer, netball, touch football – bonus: you’ll meet new people). Ride 1000kms on a bike or exercise bike. Set yourself a planking challenge. Go for a bushwalk in your local community or simply aim to walk 10,000 steps a day. The body is capable of amazing things – go for it!

8. Take tech-free time to the next level

Going tech-free for a day is a great idea, but you can make it even more enriching by filling it with events that bring you back to nature. Aim to top and tail the day with a sunrise and sunset, enjoy an outdoor picnic with friends and take mental pics instead of snapchats. If only for a day, live in the digital free moment. It’s amazing how productive you can be when you’re not pre-occupied with needing your phone.

9. Write a letter to ‘future you’ – 10 years from now

Where are you? What do you wish ‘future you’ is doing? What would you like to say to yourself? Is it a question, something supportive or just something fun? This challenge will naturally do something pretty amazing – reveal whether current-day ‘you’ is setting up future ‘you’ for success. Are you in the career you want to be in? Are you on the right track health wise? Or would insurance such as income protection help you bounce back if you’re unable to work due to illness or injury? All things you can sort out, today. Writing this letter will help solidify your goals and dreams – refer to it as often as you need to ensure you’re following the path you want.

10. Be more grateful

Those who have studied the brain and the spirit generally agree – we have more power over our minds than we realise. Although keeping a ‘grateful diary’ sounds a bit naff, writing down what you’re genuinely thankful for will channel your brain naturally towards looking for the positive. Share the gratefulness around, too. Buy a blank pack of note cards and write hand-written notes when you want to thank someone. Receiving a note in writing (rather than a text or email) is so much more meaningful.


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